At first glance, it seems a bit crazy that someone could make a mistake when using a fake doctor note. After all, when you’re really sick and have a real excuse letter, you hand it in and go about your business. Case closed. Why should it be any different with a fake one?

After giving it a bit of thought, though, you could probably come up with at least one or two potential stumbling blocks that people run into – and there are more that might not occur to you. One category has to do with the actual excuse note, while the other is more a matter of basic human nature.

Don’t Be Nervous

We’ll look at the human nature problems first. Many professionals, from law enforcement officials to pro poker players, closely observe everyone they deal with in the course of their job. They learn how to tell pretty easily when people are lying and when they’re telling the truth. For police, it’s essential to separate the innocent from the guilty; for poker players, it’s how they know when to fold and when to go all in. Another group of professionals usually able to distinguish between truth and lies are human resource workers and bosses. It’s part of their job to know whether to trust employees, so they’re likely to carefully scrutinize both a doctor’s note and the person handing it in.

That’s where we come to human nature. The majority of people are honest, and if they’re forced by circumstances to tell a lie or do something they’re not comfortable with, it shows in their demeanor. That’s a great quality to have – unless you’re trying to get away with using a fake doctor’s note. In that case, your behavior can easily tip off your boss that he’d better take a closer look at that document.

The best advice is well-known to those who regularly run afoul of the law: believe what you’re saying, and don’t talk too much. If you convince yourself that your fake excuse letter is legitimate, your actions won’t create any reason for anyone else to be suspicious. And if you just use the fewest words necessary to tell your boss that you were sick and here’s the documentation, chances are slim that you’ll start stuttering or say something you shouldn’t. Act like it’s real, and people will believe it.

Pay Attention To The Details

There are two very common mistakes people make when it comes to the actual fake doctor excuse.

The first error is just downloading any old fake doctors excuse template from the internet, scribble your name on it, and hand it in. Most of the templates circulating on the web are sketchy at best and have probably been used by other employees at your workplace before. They’ll stick out like a neon sign to anyone who’s dealt with human resource issues for any length of time. What you need is a professionally-produced template, from one of the few reputable sites that actually deals with this subject full time.

The second mistake is not paying attention to the type of note you’re going to be using, what it’s going to look like, and what details need to be included. You can use the best fake doctor’s excuse template in the world, but if you print it out on a flimsy 8 ½ by 11 piece of paper, it won’t look real. The same type of paper or stationery that’s actually used by doctors is what you need in order to make your note appear legit.

Once you’ve handled that detail properly, you need to closely look at the fake note itself to see what information needs to be written in. Names, diagnoses, suggested courses of treatment, follow-up appointments or other medical information often must be included, and it needs to be written in appropriate medical language without being too informal or wordy, or grammatically incorrect. Don’t go overboard, but be sure that you’ve covered all the bases.

Fortunately, if you get your fake doctors letter from a responsible site, they’ll include detailed instructions on what needs to go onto the note, along with suggested wording. Don’t be hasty. Do it all right, and you’ll have a fake medical excuse that even a doctor would be proud of.