So a friend has suggested, perhaps in jest, that you should just use a fake doctor’s note in order to get off the hook for that “unscheduled vacation day” you took yesterday, after a night of heavy partying. Sounds like a good idea, even after the euphoria of the night and the hangover of the next day have both worn off.

But where in the world can you actually get a fake doctor’s letter?

There are several options, even though some of them are pretty risky. Let’s take a look at them.

Steal one

You might come up with this idea after watching a bad movie or TV show, or might think of it in complete desperation. Think again. On TV or in the movies, it’s easy to skulk around a clinic or doctor’s office, smoothly slink into an empty office, and lift a prescription pad or some stationery. Or, you could fake an illness, get inside the office, and grab what you need while the examining room is empty.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. That sort of paperwork is rarely left unguarded, and doctors’ offices and hospitals are always on the lookout for people who should be there, doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Then, you’re not looking at a problem at work – you’re looking at a problem in court.

Download a free doctors note template online

That sounds a lot easier and certainly not as dangerous as actual theft would be. Very true, but it’s usually not going to do the trick. The problem is that human resources workers, bosses, teachers and administrators see a lot of excuse notes, both legitimate and fake. And the reason that the “free doctors excuses” are free to download – is that they’re really not very believable.

Very little care went into the preparation of free notes. There’s probably little or no detail on them, and chances are that the person you’re giving your fake doctor letter to has already seen that exact same letter many times before. You may not be in court after using one of those cheap downloadable excuse letters, but you may be in the unemployment office.

Buy one from a reputable, trustworthy internet site that specializes in fake doctors’ notes

This is always the best option for several reasons. First of all, preparing fake excuse letters is all the company does, so they have years of experience in knowing what details must go into the excuse notes. They’ll have completely believable letters or medical reports with logos, proper wording, even watermarks and photos at times.

Secondly, they’ll offer complete packages of fake notes from a wide range of doctors, dentists, clinics, hospitals and specialists; the best sites even have things like religious excuses, realistic funeral pamphlets and jury duty notices so you can pick what fits your situation best.

Finally, they know what works, with all the feedback they’ve gotten from satisfied customers. That way you can be sure that the notes you’re buying have worked for others, and will work for you.